The best appreciation is protection

APPRECIATING law enforcement means PROTECTING law enforcement

Lawenforcement officers around the country risk their lives each day to protect their communities. Across local, state and federal levels, there are more than 900,000 officers who’ve answered the call to what is often a thankless life in public service.

In 2015, law enforcement agencies nationwide came together to create Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. This day serves as an opportunity for communities to recognize officers’ dedication and sacrifice.

Outside of January 9th each year, how do we best appreciate our law enforcement officers?
Protecting Them. 

At Dyneema®, we protect and appreciate our officers by providing them with ballistic armor solutions that don’t compromise performance or protection.   To better meet their needs, we recently partnered with Lexipol’s Police1 audience to gain insights into what officers want from their personal protective equipment.

74% of respondents ranked ‘comfort’ as their top criteria for selecting body armor. This was followed by ‘protection from a range of threats’, while ‘fit of vest’ was ranked as the third most important criteria.

When asked what would cause them to take off their body armor while on duty, 46% of respondents said the comfort of the vest would influence them to do so, with another 25% referencing weight and flexibility. Heat was the most influential factor with 76% of respondents saying it would cause them to take off their bullet resistant vest.

What makes body armor comfortable? According to respondents, weight and flexibility. Women respondents said a unique design for their body type is another important consideration to enable comfort on the job.

These insights make it clear that lightweight comfort isn’t a luxury for our officers. It’s directly connected to our officers’ capabilities, ensuring:

  • Longer wear time without removal
  • Reduced wearer fatigue
  • Mitigating injuries associated with the cumulative effects of daily armor use
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Quicker response times
  • Improved cognitive and tactical performance

Protective equipment made with Dyneema® is 15x stronger than steel, up to 35% lighter than aramids in soft armor vests and up to 75% lighter than steel in hard armor vests. Our material has high tensile, tear and breaking strength, high abrasion resistance and flex-durability providing multi-threat protection for ballistic threats while also being cut and slash resistant. The combined strength and light weight of Dyneema® provides unmatched levels of performance and protection – but we aren't stopping there.

We’re using these research insights to guide future innovations – so we can provide the quality of protection our law enforcement officers deserve, and we’re doing it all right here in America. From our start-to-finish manufacturing to developing innovations to address new and emerging threats, we’re providing American-made protection for law enforcement officers that meets military standards. For law enforcement departments and communities around the country, we’re hoping these insights can help inform decision makers of what our officers need and deserve.

Today, and every day, let’s thank the officers in our communities for their service. Learn more about how Protective Armor made with Dyneema(R) can impact and improve the lives of our officers here.

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