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Check out the range of applications in power tools where our engineering plastics are used.

Leading the way in power tools

Today’s consumers are more demanding of the products they buy – for indoor and outdoor use. They want goods that are lightweight, perform well, look good, last longer, and use as little energy as possible – both in product design and day-to-day use.

Our portfolio of engineering plastics is developed with the knowledge that technology and innovation go hand-in-hand. They’re used across various power tool applications.

Featured customer applications

Power Tool Housings

Consumer goods | Power tools

Akulon® PA6 is a reliable solution for power tool housings due to its lighter weight compared to metals, possible part and function integration, easier assembly and longer tool lives. It has better welding strength and surface appearance than PA66. Akulon UltraFlow PA6 has outstanding mechanical properties over a wide temperature range and in diverse conditions.

E-Motors for Power Tools

Consumer goods | Power tools

Current e-motor applications are packed tight with little to no room to gain additional power or improve efficiency. With Stanyl® PA46, you can mold thinner walls (i.e., lamina stack insulation) down to .25 mm or less, allowing more room for copper windings or thicker gauge to maximize torque potential and reduce resistance.;At high loads, e-motors generate substantial heat. Temperatures can easily exceed 150°C (302°F), resulting in mechanical failures. Stanyl® PA46 offers excellent high temperature mechanical performance with a heat deflection temperature of 290°C (554°F) and a continuous use temperature of 170°C (338°F).;The superior flow and high crystallinity of Stanyl® PA46 results in strong and flexible weld lines, improving manufacturing yield by eliminating process scrap in rotors and stators.

Taking handheld power tools performance to the next level with advanced materials

Handheld power tool manufacturers are looking to further refine e-motors, increase power density, increase efficiency, lower temperatures and increase life, while working with extremely compact designs – all while keeping costs and production efficiency top of mind. Currently, manufacturers are facing innovation challenges in the handheld power tool market, but there are advanced materials solutions that will take handheld power tools to the next level of performance.

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