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Envalior increases production capacity in China to tap growing e-mobility and E&E markets

  • Envalior completes its planned state-of-the-art expansions to compounding lines at its Jiangyin and Changzhou locations.
  • Jiangyin and Changzhou produce high-performance engineering materials such as PA46, PA4T, PA410, PA66, PA6, PBT, TPC key to the automotive, electrical and electronics markets.
  • The strong sustainability credentials of both sites align with Envalior’s commitment to driving the shift toward a low-carbon, circular economy

Düsseldorf, October 12, 2023 – Today, Envalior announces that its planned expansions at the Jiangyin and Changzhou production sites have been completed, with a new state-of-the-art compounding line built at each location. Both facilities produce sustainable high-performance materials for the automotive, electrical and electronics markets, among other segments.

These investments underline the company’s long-term commitment to the growing Chinese market, especially in the area of new mobility. In recent years, China’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement has seen it become a leading contributor to global frontier innovation. This is especially true within its world-leading e-mobility sector which already accounts for 35% of the country’s auto sales[1] and will continue growing going forward. Rising living standards and increasingly ambitious environmental ambitions centering around Battery Electrical Vehicles are driving increasing demand for high-performance and specialty engineering materials in the Chinese market.

Both the Jiangyin and Changzhou plants boast strong sustainability credentials. This aligns with Envalior’s commitment to driving a more sustainable and circular economy and to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our entire value chains. To lower the environmental impact of our produced materials in both plants, efficient compounding technologies are applied and production equipment with reduced energy consumption have been installed. Furthermore, the additional compounding line in Jiangyin will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy, partly from sourced energy and partly from solar energy generated directly on-site.

Materials manufactured at the newly expanded plants include high-performance specialty materials such as Akulon® PA6/PA66, Arnite® PET/PBT, Arnitel® TPC, Durethan® PA6/PA66, EcoPaXX® PA410, ForTii® PA4T/PPA, Pocan® PBT, and Stanyl® PA46.

Jason Zhang, MD Asia, said: “Envalior is deeply committed to supporting its customers in China across all segments, including the important electronics & e-mobility industry. These investments represent a key step as we expand our capacity within China’s innovative market. China’s rising living standards and increasingly ambitious environmental policies have driven demand for sustainable high-performance materials, making now the ideal time to strengthen our presence in this key region.”

Caroline Mitterlehner, EVP Specialty Materials, commented: “We are delighted that this expansion of our production capabilities is now complete. This will enable us to meet rising demand for high-performance specialty materials from our customers in China, driving sustainable growth both for them and for Envalior across a variety of industry segments. We’re looking forward to seizing new opportunities and strengthening our existing partnerships.”

Christophe Cazabeau, EVP Performance Materials, commented: “China is the largest automobile market in the world with demand continuing to increase within the segment, making the expansion of our production capabilities in this region a natural next step. Envalior is now even better positioned to co-innovate with our customers and cater to their evolving application needs, thanks to our high-performance sustainable materials and industry expertise.”

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