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Xytron is a high performance plastics compound based on linear polyphenylene sulfide that contributes to three key strengths:

  • Heat aging performance up to 240 °C
  • Chemical resistance at elevated temperature
  • Dimensional stability

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Xytron offers extreme chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and is intrinsically flame retardant. It also offers high stiffness up to a glass transition temperature of 90°C, with a continuous use temperature (CUT) between 240-260°C. Xytron is well suited for a broad range of Automotive, E&E and Specialized Industrial applications.

Xytron™ portfolio highlights

Hydrolysis resistance

This class of materials fits best for applications that are exposed to higher heat and need to maintain dimensional stability while being subjected to harsh chemicals.

Food contact and drinking water

This class of materials has global drinking water approvals, including NSF, KTW, WRAS and ACS; it also complies with FDA requirements for food contact applications. Ideal for use in higher pressure, hot water applications, these materials can be used at temperatures up to 95°C.


This class of materials enables applications that require high impact resistance or experience frequent temperature changes. These grades are engineered to solve brittleness problems common with standard PPS grades.


Hydrolysis resistance

It is known that PPS and glass are both good at hydrolysis resistance. But the interface of glass and PPS is the weak point for a glass reinforced PPS compound during the hydrolysis process. Thanks to good bonding technology, Envalior G4080HR outperforms competitors’ materials. The retention strength is still around 80% of its initial value after 3,000 hours of aging at 135°C.

From the AFM chart, pictured to the right, it can be observed that both G4080HR and the competitor sample have good bonding between the PPS polymer and glass before the water/glycol aging test. After 3,000 hours of water/glycol aging, a clearance can be observed in the interface of the competitor sample, while it’s almost invisible for G4080HR. This shows that G4080HR has a higher retention strength than the competitor sample.

Long term heat aging performance

Due to its highly stable chemical bonds, PPS shows extremely good heat aging performance. The phenylene rings will form a carbon layer during the initial aging process. Later, it will protect the inner layer from oxidizing. It can easily be validated by the heat aging curve, pictured to the right, for G4010T. It is shown that only a limited reduction of tensile strength is observed at 150°C, while there is a bit more reduction at 230°C, yet reduction is still limited. Even after aging at 230°C for 6,000 hours, Xytron G4010T still shows > 60% tensile strength retention.

Dimension stability

Since there is no hydrophilic group in the PPS chemical structure, PPS shows almost ZERO moisture absorption. Even if the specimen of G4020DW-FC is soaked in 85°C water for 72 hours, the absorbed water is only 0.2%, which results in a dimension increase by approximately 0.03% in flow direction and 0.05% in transverse direction.

Creep resistance at an elevated temperature

Due to the high stiffness of PPS, Xytron shows very good creep performance even at elevated temperatures. From the G4024T creep curves, pictured to the right, it is shown that there is limited elongation change for 1,000 hours with loading 20Mpa at room temperature. Even at 150°C, elongation is only 0.6% after 1,000 hours with loading 20Mpa.

High purity

With Xytron linear PPS there is very limited leaching due to high purity levels. It can also be widely used in water management and hydrogen fuel cells.

Thermal conductivity

By using different types of additives, good electrical properties and dimension stability, plus long term high temperature resistance and hydrolysis resistance performance, can be combined in thermal conductive materials.

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